Trampling and crushing those Bull Balls!


Wild Phoenix

American / Florida
5:37 min - Oct 03 - .MP4 - 411.97 MB


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(custom fantasy request) Let's get one thing straight, no one fucks with me unless I give them permission to do so. To show you just how much strength and power I have, I am going to explain to you in full detail how I plan to annihilate a bull's nuts with my bare feet and hands. I will twist, squeeze, kick, stomp, sit, punch those balls until he is in so much nut pain he cannot see straight. Just picture it, me standing with my full weight and his nuts bulging out under my feet. Or kicking them so hard they disappear. Will those bull nuts even hold up to hours and days and weeks of constant physical pressure, pain, and utter destruction in this ball busting verbal fantasy? I don't think so.