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Shrinked destiny - A giantess story

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Margout and Liz are taking some new people home everyday for them cruel games. They lost the count of how many shrinked people is still storaged everywhere on the house to be eaten, crushed and fighting for them own lives. Giants love collecting people and turning them to small guys to tease and play with. They seduce them or invite them to home parties in order to get what they want. Of course, those parties are just fun for the two giant girls who always win the games from the start. The cruel girls shrink everyone who crosses them door in order to satisfy them darkest desires. Them new small friends are so close to their ends. In this party today the best destiny you can have as a shrinked human is finding your end quickly or wait for it on a box where you'll never escape. Be aware, Liz and Margout loves the taste of fear! If they would get you what would be your destiny?

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