Oral Fixation

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929 5.0
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Jimbeaner69 Oct 6 2016

Purchased this video off site so can't review - one of Bailee's finer, more artistic performances, this video will surely make your mouth water. She does an amazing job seducing you with only her talented mouth. Her other videos allude mass amounts of creativity and it's wonderful to see her now branching out into 'different' material. Definitely a must-see!

xerophix Oct 5 2016
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Bailee is amazing as always. I like that she's exploring new videos and this is just as good as the rest. She will drive you crazy.

milkfred - Top reviewer Oct 12 2016
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soft lips, sweet tongue and strawberry, i love this one. if you can show ur eyes in the view, i will love this more

jarya5 - Top reviewer Oct 15 2016
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This isn't porn, this is art!!! Nah, just kidding, it's porn. Bailee is always so sexy and watching this amazing tease video proves that beyond any doubt.

Xcelios deleted - Top reviewer Jan 25 2017
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I really like the fact that Bailee's work is very sensual. I feel like the music choice in this video, the camera angles, and content are so carefully and well chosen that it almost gave this video a vintage feel for me. I don't know if it was intentional, but the video angles Bailee used for the strawberry/food play in combination with the close up texture of the strawberry made it almost seem as if the strawberry was another tongue. There doesn't need to be dialogue or other facial features; this video emphasizes and accentuates the lips. Very well thought out and excellent execution.

Teasing you with my mouth~ I bite my lips, drool a bit, blow little spit bubbles, suck on my finger and then move onto a juicy strawberry :) Leave a review on any video and receive a 15% off discount code