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D.Va Learns There Is Pleasure In Defeat

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Lana Rain

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pikefunal deleted Dec 2

That sweet pussy

I have been waiting for this :3

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This one is a must buy if you an overwatch fan.

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An amazing D.Va cosplay, with a well thought out back story and a very believable script. If you love Overwatch or Lana, then you'll love this video. 5/5 Must Buy!

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Oct 6
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First off. Best D.Va cosplay ever. 2nd That intro really puts into detail on D.Vas lore as a pro gamer.. Very well done The set-up is perfect. a pro gamer losing to a challenge, and has to give in the demands of the winner. At first, she hates, but then enjoys masturbating for others. Her costume is perfect. So much detail into D.Va with the outfit, heels, and the hair. Best D.Va cosplay out there so far. Also, pretty slutty for now giving in to masturbating btw ;). This vid is worth your money, so do get it when you can. Until then NERF THIS!

[A-TIER][PLOT][COSPLAY][ROLE-PLAY] D.Va allows her pride and ego as an undefeated StarCraft champion go to her head and learns a hard lesson in humility... // ...or does she ^_-? |||||||||||||||||||||||||| The point of view of the camera switches between my DSLR and my C920 webcam via a Skype call to imitate the look of a "Skype Video Call" for authenticity. This was delayed so many times due to rendering problems, my movers for my move to a new apartment in bad timing with my finishing of my video, and countless more problems upon arriving and unpacking at my new place (to which I'm not done with haha). ||||||||||||||||||| I consider this my most artistic A-Tier thus far. I decided to place extra emphasis on lore-relevant concepts being that D.Va, aka Hana Song, is a former RTS champion as a Starcraft player and I'm close friends with a few who have stellar backgrounds in the field. This is my nod to them and a show of my appreciation for the level of talent the RTS eSport community possesses.