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It Takes a Village to Fill This Belly

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Good morning my favorite tiny little men. I'm so happy that you have taken up residency in my Giantess home. I have truly loved having you live here in your tiny little village on my coffee table. I have really enjoyed watching you live your tiny little lives everyday. Unfortunately I have some bad news.... Well, the thing is.... I am a very hungry Giantess. My appetite has been growing more and more everyday. I have ate every single thing in my home. My cabinets are empty, the fridge is bare. I have no more money to buy more food and I simply must eat. I cannot go hungry, I am far too big and my belly is far too large to go without eating. So the only other option I have besides starving is.... eating you! I'm sorry my favorite tiny little men, I am really sorry! But I must have something to eat... I feel myself grower weaker every hour that passes and I absolutely must have something to eat now! I'm so happy there are so many of you for me to eat. I have a whole village of tiny little men and I'm sure you are all so absolutely tasty. Hmmm... which one of you am I going to eat first? Oh don't try running and hiding, you are far too small to get away from me. Just consider this your ultimate sacrifice for the better good of humanity. You are sacrificing your tiny little selves so this amazing Giantess can continue living. You are tiny little heroes! Now come here, it's time for Giantess to eat you! Oh my... oh my tiny little men.... look what you've done to my belly! You have filled me up so much that you've caused my belly to swell beyond belief. My belly is so absolutely bloated that I look hugely pregnant! Mmmm that really hit the spot... OUCH! Quit moving around in there, you are hurting my so swollen belly! Ok fine, if you tiny little men are going to be little dickheads about this then fine... I will finish you all off right now. I am going to chug this soda and every last one of you in my soda filled belly until I no longer feel any movement. This soda will definitely help speed up the digestion process... good bye, little men!

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