Thick and Big Rainbow Dildo Fucking

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Blue Dream

American / California
3,416 4.8
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youngman25 Apr 16 2017
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Probably one of my favorite videos, love seeing her pussy stretch with this dildo, and in multiple angles too! Also love her noises;)

khytkath - Top reviewer Jan 29 2017
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Very nice view , love it !

rl5858 - Top reviewer Dec 22 2016
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Such a great video! Thank you Blue :)

tehoeverytime Oct 7 2016
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Video had me kinda speechless or maybe out of breath might be a better way to put it! The sounds of wetness and moans completely got me aroused! Not to mention the views! She looks like she tastes so sweet! So going down on her would be a treat!

Rambunctious Rainbow" --- I show you how I wet I am and then I fuck myself with my Godemiche Confused Rainbow Dildo in multiple positions including closeups ;) (TAGS: huge dildo , godemiche , teen , choker , tiny tits , amateur
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