School Girl Gives Stepfather Some SPH

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286 4.7
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I deserve to be humiliated. She is the queen!

dsmooth - Top reviewer Jan 20 2017
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I loved this clip! Tisha was so hot in humiliating that I nearly felt bad for Baby Dick!

After a long day of attending classes, Tisha Draven comes home and heads to the kitchen for a snack. (She's BBW...of course she wants a snack). She walks in on the last thing she would ever think to see; her stepfather jerking off in the kitchen. Gross right?! But to make matters worse, his dick is tiny. Like....miniature. It's depressing actually. She provides him with some hardcore reminders as to how pathetic his dick. Even the boys in her class have bigger dicks! Tisha is a known rebel so she provides some crucial SPH and even yanking the small dick because of how disgusted she is to know her own mother fucks such a wimp. She even records your sorry excuse of a dick and shows it off to her friends on snapchat! Get ready for embarrassment. *DMCA PROTECTED. THIS IS PROPERTY OF TISHA DRAVEN. EVERY VIDEO HAS A DIGITAL FINGERPRINT WHICH MAKES YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LEAKED VIDEOS OR MISUSING MY PROPERTY. YOU WILL BE HELD 100% RESPONSIBLE AND WILL FACE HEAVY PENALTIES AND POSSIBLE JAIL TIME. TISHA DRAVEN WILL MAKE SURE YOU PAY FOR ALL LEGAL PROSECUTION, LEGAL FEES AND ALL FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES