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47,445 5.0
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cashmere313 - Top reviewer Nov 14 2016
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You own my cock baby. Nobody get me off like you <3

DJtitan25 Feb 9 2017
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Listening to Nova tell you how horny she is while she is rubbing one out is about the sexiest thing you are going to see. Amazing video.

King Genno - Top reviewer Dec 2
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really hot vid, esp for price. just buy it.

Ever since my "Leaves her twitch stream on and FAPS" video went viral and has over 10 million views online I have been incredibly horny. I LITERALLY masturbate to YOU jerking off to my viral video. I think it is so hot that I got to be that slutty little asian twitch girl that you fap to. So now whenever I get horny I think about that. I imagine thousands of people stroking their big cocks to me and cumming to my video. SO HOT. So I made this video to tell you a little more about that. In THIS video I masturbate on my bed with my hands and talk dirty about my fantasy. Come masturbate with me!