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OVO - implantation

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Do you ever wake up & wonder if it was real or all a dream? Or perhaps a waking nightmare.... as Doll & @Bobbylabottom find themselves waking in a strange dark room, surrounded by.. let's just call them "beings". They look like us, but there's just something.. off. The beings oxygenate them & add restraints. And then they feel it... it's cold rubber like quality sliding across their skin, leaving a trail of lube-like sludge to moisten it's path. The ovipositor slithers over Bobby's chest, ejecting it's goo around their nipples. As it slowly slides it's way up to Doll's face, mouth propped open for the Ovipositor to explore the warm cavern known as a human mouth. It senses another warm place it would like to explore... as it slips down their bellies & between their legs. Helpless to stop it from prodding their holes. As it readies them with it's goopy slime, the beings help prepare the ovipositor to release it's eggs... the implantation has begun. The humans are not prepared for the girth of the egg! As it stretches and settles inside them, another egg is extruded, the beings must be sure the humans are properly bred before release. As the eggs melt their protective layer inside the humans, they feel the seed take root within their wombs. It has begun...

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