My Wet Slippery Mouth


Wild Phoenix

American / Florida
9:59 min - Oct 18 - .MP4 - 733.70 MB


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If you have a mouth, tongue, teeth or throat fetish, this is the tour that you don't want to miss as I show you my cavernous, sexy mouth. Come see my wet, slippery, dripping mouth and my nice strong throat as I swallow. I want to show off my pearly whites as you peer between my teeth. Look at my sensuously sharp white canines and my nice silvery fillings of my cavities from being such a gluttonous man eater. Feel yourself sliding up and down on my wet dripping tongue and look at my uvula, my nice pulsating uvula dangling as I put M&Ms right on my tongue as I swallow them down. Imagine yourself as those M&Ms sliding down my thick throat forever.
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