Stocking Fucks Her Ass With A Lollipop

88,629 4.9

Lana Rain

American / NYC
88,629 4.9
20:56 min - Oct 15 - .MP4 - 1.54 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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YourSecretCrush deleted Jun 21 2017

Go girl! Love stuffing my ass with candy!, you try some soda next time, feels amazing :P x

EtherWei Mar 26 2017

I just want to be that lollipop! Love Lana!

pikefunal deleted Dec 2 2016

That sweet pussy

Doguemastiff Oct 15 2016

waitI just got it. I can't waot to see it due to the preview alone :)

talkinmerc Nov 2 2016
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It was alright. Not your best work. Honestly the acting couldve been better during the take was orgasms. In the plus side youre hotter than hell. Well hell has nothing on your looks.

Lovecraft45 Oct 17 2016
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angle, closeview, change of position, image quality. I see nothing wrong. a very attractive woman in a warm and sensual video for attractive price. that's perfect I am still horny. Great job

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Oct 16 2016
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OMG. Should this vid even be classified as a b-tier. It surpasses far more than a b-tier. But I digress. Stocking is my favorite character in Panty and Stocking, so this vid was a must for me. The vid has amazing quality and picture. Its like you are so close to Lana. Those close-ups were so clear, it's like you were right in front her. That perfect pussy and asshole is just so close. The angles were really great. Each view I loved, form the close-up to the mid far shots of her bending over. This vid is a must have if you are a fan of lama. I cannot recommend it more enough to anyone. So please, get this video. You will be more than satisfied with this one

Lana Rain Oct 17 2016

I love your reviews Dogue, thank you!

Sheanesy Feb 12
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I am now into anal because of this vid.

kingof20v - Top reviewer Jun 13 2017
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Easily one of my favorite videos, a must buy

XXXGirl May 8 2017
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Lana has proven once again that she looks sexy and adorable in anything :P. Things I loved about this video: 1) we get to see Lana in a Stocking cosplay 2) she plays with herself using colorful penis lollipops, and 3) we get loads of closeups of her lovely lady bits :)

vivaceinsol Feb 12 2017
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First experience with Lana Rain anal. Definitely wasn't bad, at all. This sexy vixen never fails to please.

pops3286 - Top reviewer Dec 15 2016
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Amazing anal vid with great camera angles and closeups.

Kanamek Nov 8 2016
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Lana does it again.
best girl 2016 obviously

Sougo Okita - Top reviewer Oct 31 2016
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My fav video of Lana I've seen so far. I really liked her outfit and the view of her ass was fantastic, didn't get to the end of the video. 5 stars

Souleater20 Oct 23 2016
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This video make me wish I was that lollipop. this one I really like cuz I like PSG and lana fits as stocking so well

Assholathotekkkh Oct 20 2016
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You nailed it perfectly, as always, but this vid DOES give another meaning to your Lanasicle form that was created last year.

[B-TIER][No Plot][Thoughts In Text][Cosplay][FullHD][60FPS] Everyone knows Stocking has an obsession with sweets, but nobody knows just HOW obsessed >.> |||||||||||||||||| It seems every video I make ends up with a little adventure along with it. I always end up going through some kind of obstacle or predicament that I have to solve in order to finish the video xD. This one was no different. My card reader couldn't be found anywhere in the boxes during my move to my new apartment so I had to wait for a new one right after I finished filming -_-.