HIDDEN HOTEL CAM Catches 40min Fuck Fest

70,858 5.0
70,858 5.0
42:12 min - Oct 22 - .MP4 - 593.38 MB - 1280x720 HD

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small1sh Oct 28 2016

Geez thats some real hot fucking! You're so hot and he's so huge!

vapehard deleted Nov 4 2017
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loved the video however its supposed to be hidden camera and you can clearly see cameras on tripods plus i used to work for hotels and its illegal to put any cameras in a guests room

trock230 - Top reviewer Jun 19 2017
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AHHH I was wanting to buy this for SOO long. I just recently bought this and it was truly worth it IMO. If your on the fence about buying it then i recommend getting it. One of my favorite vids that i bought on this site.

unknownsaint - Top reviewer Jan 4 2017
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This is amazing!! Can't stop from watching it all over and over from start to finish. One of the best B/G I've seen

jtpetersonco - Top reviewer Oct 26 2016
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NovaPatra and friend should be charged with ARSON after igniting an INFERNO in their hotel room at the Holiday Sinn. Good thing Security had the good sense to be suspicious of these two and get it all on video! WARNING - This one starts fast as our little Asian BlowTorch slurps some serious schlong steaming up the shower and leaving no time to STOP, DROP, and ROLL before taking a FLAMETHROWER to the entire PLACE! Nova is RELENTLESS as she sucks and fucks and sucks some more conjuring a POP SHOT that made Peter North (vintage porn throwback reference;) drop to knees and exclaim "I m NOT WORTHY! I m NOT WORTHY!". Thoughtful, Creative, and Sexually Enthusiastic vids like THIS ONE are EXACTLY WHY I m lobbying the good folks at ManyVids to start their own ACADEMY AWARDS! And, with that, I ENTHUSIASTICALLY NOMINATE "Hidden Hotel Cam" for BEST B/G Vid of the YEAR!!!

THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS ANOTHER 5 STAR VIDEO and #1 for March** I always strive to produce the highest-quality most exclusive Asian Content! Brought to you by the security team at the Holiday Sinn. This kinky asian couple was banging like animals every night in our hotel so we decided to play a little dirty and planted 10 hidden cameras in their hotel room. We weren't dissapointed! They come home from the beach and immediately start fooling around. Before things get too hot they decide to take a shower - Good thing we put 3 cameras in there! They don't wait long before they start banging hard in the shower and she's blowing his cock. Soon after he takes his slut outside and pounds her for 30 minutes straight! We thought we would have a little fun so watch at the 29 minute mark where we slip a fake note under the door just so they know that we can hear them fucking. This is 40 minutes of straight hardcore sex. An amazing video full of angles and super clear HD hidden camera footage. Don't worry it isn't all voyeur, we snuck some cameras in closer so you can really see them going at it. We even zoom in on the cumshot for you and do an instant replay. He blasts his thick white load all over her, first shot is a direct bullseye right into her mouth even from 3 feet away then he covers her tits and stomach and pubic hair with his heavy load. I'm surprised how much he cums considering how much they were fucking all weekend. With the shower scene this is basically a DOUBLE SCENE so you really get your money's worth. BUY THIS VIDEO AND YOU WILL BE JERKING TO IT FOR MONTHS GUARANTEED. It's going to be another ManyVids top seller just like the last production so get it before price goes up - and it always does. So don't wait