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Molly is the bosses bratty daughter and has been coming into work late, talking on the phone and being lazy on the job. She thinks she can take advantage of her coworkers and get everyone to cover for her because of her father's position in the company, but Kendra is fed up. She let's Molly know she can't get away with her bad behavior anymore and decides to teach the little twat a lesson. Kendra slaps her across the face and then pulls the bratty blond's boobs out of her blouse commenting on what a little slut she is. Molly doesn't know what to do except whine and protest and threaten to tell her daddy on Kendra, so the firey redhead just knocks her out. She strips Molly's clothes off down to her tan pantyhose and feels her tits and nylon covered legs, slowly running her hands up each thigh. The little brat hides vibrators in her desk thinking no one in the office knows, so Kendra takes one out and starts to use it on her. She holds it against Molly's pantyhose covered pussy, vibrating her clit and makes Molly cum. She screams and moans and begs Kendra to stop, but Kendra isn't finished and likes Molly much better with her legs spread and her wet pussy juice seeping through the nylon. After two more orgasms, Kendra decides she wants to taste the brat's little pink cunt and rips her pantyhose open to reveal her soaking pussy. She starts to lick Molly's pussy, finger fuck her and play with her swollen clit until Molly promises not to tell her dad and to start doing her work! To order your own custom video contact me at Mistress_Kendra at hotmail dot com brats, office fetish, secretary fetish, pantyhose, catfight, face slapping, white shirt, high heels, limp fetish, knock out, groping, damsel in distress, orgasm, lesbian sex, girl-girl, oral sex, finger fucking, office domination, lesbian domination, kissing, Kendra James, Molly Mae, porn stars, older woman and younger girl