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A Friendly Gesture

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You wake up to your girlfriend's best friend teasing you and sucking on your nipples. I inform you that your girlfriend got sick of waiting for you to wake up, so she decided to have some fun in the other room with some other guys. But don't worry, she gave me permission to do whatever I want with you. So, I'm going to make you cum for me while you listen to her getting taken advantage of in the other room. I start with stroking your cock, and then move on to taking you in my mouth. The whole time you can hear your girlfriend and the guys she's with fucking in the other room. Doesn't seem like you're that upset about it. In fact, I'd say you're rather enjoying it... | Role-play | Cheating Role-play | Dildo Sucking | Cum in Mouth | Realistic Dildo | POV | Tattoos | Alt Girl | Alternative | Solo Female | Curvy | Brunette |

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