Nico Yazawa fuck and facial in sukumizu

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19,068 5.0
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Dboss2105 deleted Nov 25

Looks awesome

Sayumin Nov 9
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Hidori perfomed so well as Nico. This video is perfect by all means. It has Twintails, a loli with big breasts, wonderful facial. You need to see this!

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Instant boner. Really good Fap material.

Wassily Mar 24
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This vid is a must have. One of the best facials ever with an amazing view of her boobs. So beautiful.

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Hidori is adorable,absolutely adorable. Cosplay is incredible and her voice is so sweet it'll make both your heart and your lil friend melt simultaneously. Delivers everything shown in the thumbnail without too much or too little of any one thing. Angles are great, quality in general is great and the facial at the end was so messy that you could tell the guy enjoyed every last second of it. One of the most flustering,arousing and definitely most enjoyable things I've watched in a long while. Seen plenty of erotic videos and this is the first time I've purchased one from MV,definitely worth every single penny and definitely a favorite.

Props to the guy for being able to bust such a huge load despite having such a cutie blowing him for so long, the endurance is definitely admirable.
Hidori is incredible and I can definitely see myself purchasing more of this content in the future.
My poor wallets going to hate me when that time comes </3

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I never really got the whole one piece swimsuit fetish until now. This video was just nice slow, cute and soft with great lustful action!

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perfect and omg that cum shot is amazing !!!!!

yunaba Nov 13
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Simply love it, Hidori is just amazing and cute xD

Dursti Nov 13
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a really awesome video. The swimsuit is amazingly hot, only rivaled by Hidori's stunning body. Great Video, topped of by a hot facial

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Fantastic video. Hidori presents a wonderfully cute and sexy version of the character. I'm looking forward to seeing what else she has to offer!

Nico Yazawa cosplay from the anime Love Live ! In this clip she is fucking an older man who helped her repair her school laptop. She decides to pay him in nature and gives her best to please him. Knowing he likes school girls dressed in sukumizu (japanese swimming suit) she dresses in one for him. Playful stripping , teasing , mutual masturbation , blowjob , titty fuck , pov , doggy and a nice big facial at the end Enjoy