Savannah squirts on her perfect feet


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
12:26 min - Nov 09 - .WMV - 561.10 MB - 1440x1080 HD

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Savannah's had a long hard day at work. She can't wait to relax and kick off her shoes.She wishes she had a nice strong man to massage her perfect little feet. She dangles her sparkly heels before taking them off to reveal her cute little toes. Don't you wish you could slide her feet into your mouth and lick in between those little fat toes. She wore a pair of panties to work today and they have been rubbing up against her pussy all day long. They have been teasing her and making her so wet. Every time she opened her legs the smell of her pussy was so strong. Now that she's finally home, she can relive that tension that's been building all day. She peels of her skirt and gives you a long look at her big juicy ass. She grabs her Hitachi and presses it up against her panties. Her pussy lips are so swollen and turned on they start peeking thru her panties. Savannah gasps and moans with pleasure as she vibes her swollen pussy while giving you an excellent view of the bottom of her wrinkly soles. She teases herself until she cant take anymore and pulls aside her panties to reveal her pretty pink cunt. She's so hot and wet already that she slips a finger right into her dripping hole. She shudders with pleasure as she starts to finger bang herself to orgasm. Savannah screams and creams everywhere and squirts right on her feet! She turns them over so you can see all the squirt glistening on the bottom of her soles. She wants to have a real naughty boy hear to suck all the squirt off of her feet. She's so horny she starts masturbating again. She buries all four fingers inside that hungry cunt making her eyes roll back in her head. She explodes and sprays squirt all down her pussy and feet. Enjoy extreme squirt, closeups and foot play. This was a custom. To order your own custom please email