My Little Sister Can't Be This Perverted

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Lana Rain

American / NYC
104,504 5.0
15:35 min - Nov 10 - .MP4 - 1.14 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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SweetxMelody Jun 17 2017

Hooot 🔥

Jmorales01 Dec 10 2016

Does this video have those words across the screen?

DocHurt Mar 18 2017

The captions appear at the bottom and upper right corner of the screen while it plays

pikefunal deleted Dec 2 2016

That sweet pussy

Keri Berry Nov 11 2016

Good to hear all is well <3

Doguemastiff Nov 10 2016

This preview....... God

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Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Nov 11 2016
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Now I wish Lana was my younger sister. But I digress. This is a perfect scene of a brother spying on his sister while she does Delete repeated word lewd things. Watching hentai and masturbating. I can tell that Lana was truthfully masturbating to hentai making these scenes. She has watched hentai on cam in the past. But the best part, she cums much more than once in these videos, which each scene being more lewd than the previous.. I won't spoil the ending for you guys who have not seen it yet, but I really hope there is a part 2 to this. Lana, I need there to be a part 2 Also, Pickle being in some of these scenes is always a plus in my book <3. Get this video, you will love it, you will love me for recommending it, and you will love Lana for the amount of effort she puts into making the most high quality and perverted videos on here. Well done love <3<3<3

filthandfun Mar 13 2017
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I used to wonder why Lana stayed at the top of MV all the time. Now I know why. Her videos are amazing and have such high production quality.

This video is the first I've seen from Lana. I'm still amazed at how much it turned me on and at how hot Lana is!

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The quality of my life goes up every time I find a new video of yours to buy!

Praetorian100 deleted Jan 13
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Love it

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Great stuff, as always, specially with the raunchy dialog or when you angrily slammed the door shut. Also, I found it pretty hilarious that poor mr/mrs Whiskers was censored everytime it appeared on the shots haha.

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Feb 23 2017
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So incredibly hot. Did a fantastic job portraying Kirino XD

Thekiwiturtl Feb 14 2017
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People told me Lana's vids were well worth it. Little did I know how right they would be! Amazing video and i am definitely looking forward to even more from Lana.

waynebruce15 deleted Dec 10 2016
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Lana has outdone herself again every time I think I have seen the full extent of her perviness she does something to change my mind. Great job Lana

Assholathotekkkh Nov 17 2016
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No words can describe how hot and how fun this video was.

0Bambamm0 Nov 25 2016
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Having watched the source material that this was based off of, the two season anime series "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute", I have to say, Lana has a habit of really capturing the right "feel" of the characters she portrays. Even her dialogue text is spot on with the way Kirino (the little sister in the show) and how her older brother would talk or react.

This video has all the usual Lana Rain quality marks in it:

- Amazing visuals
- Superb angles
- Vibrant and balanced saturated colors that POP and make you feel like you're looking through a window
- Creativity
- Kinky plot
- A deep underlying message of what's really in Lana's head as she projects her fantasies into her work

I'm truly glad I found this girl a coupe months ago. Porn has never been the same for me. She even got me into hentai!

A-Tier][Plot][FullHD][60FPS][Role Play][Cosplay] You haven't been getting a long with your cute little sister. Lately, she's been even more distant from you as she goes directly into her room after school and spends most of her time locked up in there. What is she so occupied with to the point that she never gives her big brother any attention anymore? ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| My first render since my main IRL problems in life have been solved and it feels GOOD I tell you! This was a really fun script and I had so much fun making this. I always enjoy making my videos but having solved my biggest problems outside of my career recently, I was able to fully enjoy putting this one together :3. So yeah, I'm finally back to bringing you guys some of my best work and please look forward to my upcoming cam girl/personal documentary to be released on my Youtube soon as well! Once again, thank you to all who have supported me so much, I'm nothing without you guys