Cocksucking Compilation 1

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Larkin Love

American / Tampa/LA
3,927 5.0
30:59 min - Nov 25 - .MP4 - 1.13 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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aph1989 Jan 10 2017
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Larkin is the queen of the blowjob, as anyone who's seen any video of her can attest. Just her whole manner of doing it, the passion she brings. Also how can one not mention that trademark tongue of hers. There is nothing out there that equal watching Larkin and her tongue do work. And her eyes as well. Not only are they beautiful & hypnotizing, her eye contact with the camera is pure magic. Also her roleplay & dirty talk is so charming & seductive, it's impossible not to completely melt hearing Larkin speak. I loved all 3 scenes included here. If the gods made blowjob porn they would watch Larkin to take notes on how it's done.

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Apr 8 2017
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Pretty hot compilation ;)

jarya5 - Top reviewer Jan 16 2017
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Will always love watching Larkin use that amazing tongue of hers. She's so sexy in all 3 of these clips and I absolutely love the way she talks to the camera.

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