Mom Needs A Fuck

27,648 4.9

Larkin Love

American / Tampa/LA
27,648 4.9
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chillypenguin - Top reviewer Nov 27 2016
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larkin love is a gorgeous lady who plays the role of your desperately horny milf, very hot pov angles for virtual sex could only imagine how amazing this could be in a VR headset. excellent taboo video <3

Hhlover87 Nov 25 2016
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This video is one of the hottest fantasy scenes I have ever witnessed. Larkin Love sold me on probably every other video of hers based solely on how good this scene was. She is so sexy and I loved her choice in lingerie. Her red lipstick is also very hot. I love high heels in videos and this one did not disappoint! She knows all the right motions and sounds to make, she is perfection in this type of video. Larkin, I hope you keep making these videos because you are so amazing!

cro120 Feb 4
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She is so hot specially with those sexy moans

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One of my favorite vids featuring this beautiful, talented star. Larkin Love has an amazing way of using her eyes to express surprise and pleasure, and it shines through in aces in this video. Love the desperation and satisfaction she portrays.

evilive65 - Top reviewer Oct 3
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very nice video you were lovely as always thank you.

stnonsense - Top reviewer Oct 2
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She can lose control of herself around me any time she wants!

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I wish my mom was this horny. Hot as fuck.

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Apr 8 2017
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Incredibly hot. Definitely top fav ;)

CynicalPlatapus Dec 28 2016
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Have always loved larkins pov videos, this one is another great

romeoxxx6969 - Top reviewer Nov 29 2016
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Honestly speaking LarkinLove is one the very few models who truly pushes a mommy fantasy JOI to the next level. The video begins with an unexpected beginning which you have to buy the vid to experience :) She definitely puts on a stunning performance and her domineering mommy character is so fucking awesome.
Feel your dick throb to her mesmerizing voice
her gaze on your penis
your eyes locked on her god like breasts
Mom needs a fuck ! So step up to the plate.

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