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Get Mom Pregnant Before Daddy Gets Home

11,560 4.8

Larkin Love

American / Tampa/LA
11,560 4.8
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kinkcap - Top reviewer Jul 9
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oh my lord this was a fun ride

ravensman55 - Top reviewer Nov 1
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One of my favorites. Her dick worship is amazing!!

stnonsense - Top reviewer Oct 2
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Horniest and hottest stepmom ever!

dangerousdez deleted - Top reviewer Jul 22
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Nice video if you are into the cock worship and taboo subjects.

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Sexy POV role play vid. Perfect Step-mom step-son play. I wish I had more thumbs; so I can only gives this a 2 thumbs up ranking.

RubinF23 - Top reviewer Jun 30
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Larkin demonstrates her skills as a RP goddess as the horny stepmother who can't get enough of your hard cock. Between her sexy voice and tight body this is one taboo encounter that'll have coming back for more and more.

Poddingtonpea - Top reviewer Jun 22
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This was a really hot role play. I'm not usually in to this type of video and I dont like it when they tell me I'm massive when I'm not but this was so, so well done! Really, really sexy.

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Definitely worthy of profile of the year award. Every video ive seen is really good, including this one. Can't wait to see more from Larkin Love

Neuroautomata deleted Jun 20
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Always great!

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I think this is the best Larkin video I've ever seen. I don't know what age she was when this was made, but she manages to play a more mature (not necessarily "old) woman very well. The way she slyly seduces the younger man is perfect, as she does a mock shocked expression at being discovered in her lingerie (which was an extremely hot choice, btw), even though we all know this was part of her plan to set her stepson up. Then when she turns on the charm, she's so seductive that you know no heterosexual man could possibly resist. Larkin was never hotter than right here.

Heero_G - Top reviewer Jun 18
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Larkin is the RP Queen! Those piercing eyes, big boobs, sexy voice can drive someone crazy!

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Apr 8 2017
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Incredibly hot. Definitely another fav ;)

NoOnesHero Jan 14 2017
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Larkin is one of my all time favorite performers and this filthy scene made me make a hot sticky mess all over the back of my hand. Nobody drains it like Larkin Love. Superb <3

CynicalPlatapus Dec 28 2016
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Quite possibly the best roleplaying camgirl ever

patddfan88 - Top reviewer Aug 4
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larkin love is such fun to watch, and this freebie doesn't dissappoint

Watch this video and 100's more with unlimited streaming at *** *** (Scheming Stepmom Rides Your Huge Cock) Oh my, I didn't expect you home from school so early. I heard a man's footsteps coming up the walkway and I thought it was your father. You must think your stepmom is so inappropriate to be walking around the house in lingerie like this. But you aren't a boy anymore, are you. You're a man, so I guess I shouldn't be too embarrassed.Do you want to know how I know you're a man now? I've been spying on you. I watched you changing in your room through a crack in the door. And what a man, indeed! You're hung like a horse! Your cock wasn't even hard, and it was still one of the biggest I've ever seen. I would love to find out just how big it can get when it's erect. Are you blushing? Don't tell me you're still a virgin! Well, you won't be for long! Starring Larkin Love. Contains the following erotic elemtns: TABOO - STEPMOM/STEPSON FANTASIES - VIRTUAL SEX - LINGERIE - COCK WORSHIP - BIG DICKS - BIG TITS - GARTER & STOCKINGS - SATIN BATHROBE - GIRL ON TOP - BRUNETTE - VIRTUAL CREAMPIE - SIMULTANEOUS ORGASMS Starring Larkin Love