Cum On G Cups Larkin Love Mandy Morbid

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Larkin Love

American / Tampa/LA
8,130 5.0
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evilive65 - Top reviewer Dec 10
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more titties than you can shake a dick

Subway101 Feb 24 2017
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Larkin and Mandy do a perfect job in this the best joi I have ever seen more than worth the money!

ShyGuy732 - Top reviewer Dec 29
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Larkin and Mandy tell all about how good it is to get titty fucked and instruct you to put your cock between her tits and shoot all over her cleavage. Great views of the two of them giving tit jobs to their dildos and lots of talk about it.

Poddingtonpea - Top reviewer Nov 26
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Just lately, in idle moments I have found myself day dreaming about Larkin. More specifically about entering and winning her fan fuck raffle. I win,I fly out, we have mind blowing sex(obviously), spend some time together then I snap back to reality. Unfortunately, in this reality I was too terrified of winning to enter the raffle, I'll probably regret that for a long time but I'll always have those day dreams and I'll always have this perfect video. There is something so special about Larkin, she has a aura, seeing her face just immediately makes me happy. She has such an expressive face, with beautiful eyes and is a magnetic performer, I am enraptured by her. That is the case here, this video starts off really fun and casual and progresses in to something incredibly hot, Mandy and Larkin bounce off each other so well. JOI is difficult to do well and this is great. 2 beautiful women with amazing tits, what more do you want?

RubinF23 - Top reviewer Oct 22
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2 gorgeous ladies with massive boobs telling you how much they love to tit fuck, something every guy dreams about so if you love big tits this is a must own

stnonsense - Top reviewer Oct 2
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If you love big tits (and I really, really do), you need this clip

AndrewCW - Top reviewer Apr 8 2017
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Incredibly hot ;)

Watch this video and 100's more with unlimited streaming at *** *** Mandy and I have something very special to share with you - our heartfelt opinions on the subject of tittyfucking. We both enthusiastically agree it's one of the best parts of having a huge rack. We both have ample, soft G-cups with deep cleavage just begging for a cock to snuggle in between them. No little nippley A-cup girl can do what we do! We describe in great detail our favorite aspects of the act while showing off our bouncy, jiggly assets, then each demonstrate our tittyfuck technique on a lubed-up dildo. For extra fun, we let you catch a view of the action over our shoulders, so you can see right down our cleavage. Please tittyfuck me until you cum. I want you to thrust that fat cock between my huge boobs until you shoot your load all over my cleavage and collar bone. Please . . . make me nice and dirty. Contains the following erotic elements: TITTY FUCKING DILDO - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - BIG TITS - BOUNCING BOOBS - TIT PLAY - DIRTY TALK - LUBED UP CLEAVAGE - OVER THE SHOULDER VIEWS - 2 GIRLS - JOI