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19 yr old Pink Pigtial Cum Coated Cutie

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More times than not girls say they are open to "everything" yet when Gee Whizz shows up an pulls out that big ol thang thang and tries to put it in they run. Not this one Jayda shows us 19 year olds these days are built different. She jumps in head first gulping down some black cock giving a blowjob like you wouldn't believe. Blowing sloppy spit bubbles. Then she dives face first in his ass to give him a rim job with her soft lil tongue and pretty lips. After all that milks his cock from the back and then BOOM!!! Gee takes control and fucks her all kinds of ways till her legs are shaking like crazy. Then to "finish her" Mortal Combat style his finish move is some ATP (ass to pussy) creampie mash up in all her messy holes.

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