Hot Asians Have Anal Sex in 5 Star Hotel

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37,948 4.4
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Brilliant as always. Loved watching the wetness building as the video went on. Beautiful.

xxxdrewxxxx Dec 23 2016
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More hot anal sex please, I loved this video

jtpetersonco - Top reviewer Dec 3 2016
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In truth, I was more than a bit anxious as this vid began to play. Nova and Lake have been on such the creative ascent that the thought “Could they possibly keep this streak alive?” did flash in my awareness. For more than a nanosecond, I held my breathe…wanting so intensely, while simultaneously bracing for less than, something absolutely spectacular…Really though, isn’t this WHY we watch?...Oh how now I chastise my neurotic self as TO MY SHEER DELIGHT, Hot Asians Have Anal Sex in 5 Star Hotel -- with the extended visual foreplay building to a PUMPING REVERSE COWGIRL ANAL and THAT CLIMAX I simply WILL NOT SPOIL (You just HAVE TO NOVASEXPERIENCE it!!!) -- brought me to a state of Kundalinic Bliss…!!! There is something VERY, VERY Special about these impish boddhisattvas. Nova and Lake are Nerdy Smart and HOT as FUCK with a LOVE CONNECTION and SPIRITUAL ENERGY that lifts their LIVING ART above and beyond the realm of being simply AWESOME GONZO PORN (which it VERY MUCH IS) and invites the viewer to ponder their version of an Integral Transformative Practice for post-modern actualization!!! At this point, I have to ask…are you TWO doing this on PURPOSE!?!

PeterL Nov 26 2016
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Quite a lot of unnecessary footage in there, feels like it been implemented to make the video seem longer. Quite a lot of the shots were not good as the visuals were too close up or were not point in the right angle to get full spectrum of the scene. Would of liked more face and whole body when having sex rather than fairly contestant close ups. Plus the quality of the cameras sensor in low light got grainy.

NovaPatra Nov 29 2016

Hi PeterL, thanks for your review. I appreciate your honest opinion. However, as described, this video is more of a behind the scenes look, a reality porn if you will. I don't think there is much unnecessary footage at all, just a little bit at the beginning to set the story line at the 5-star hotel. I understand you prefer wider angles but the trailer does show the style of the video. Also, as this is ManyVids an amateur porn site, sometimes when things get a little darker, there is some grain but I don't think its reasonable to suggest this distracts from the video, in fact it gives it realism. Everything is clearly seen and you wouldn't see much if you had the wide angles you prefer. I think your 2 star review reflects your personal tastes and not the quality of the video.

THANK YOU FANS FOR MAKING THIS ANOTHER TOP RATED VIDEO** I always strive to produce the highest-quality most exclusive Asian Content! This is a behind the scenes look at what happens when Nova Patra and Lake Okane stay at a 5-Star Hotel. The swanky setting broods an extreme horniness between the two as they enjoy some time at the rooftop infinite pool before going back to the room and fucking the afternoon away. Lots of cocksucking and stretching of the tiny asian pussy against the backdrop of a corner suite with insane views. But the fun doesn't end there and this should really be considered a DOUBLE SCENE as the two kinky asians decide to take a break from fucking to actually get something to eat. But before they go Nova decides to get her asshole nice and primed for some dick by enjoying a buttplug throughout dinner. When they get back from their champaign and oysters they are ready to start the hot anal sex. Multiple positions with Nova taking it up the ass the entire scene. If you love anal sex and you love asians this video is for you. Lots of closeups of her butthole being stretched out and a very intimate and real Lake Okane orgasm as he fills her hole with his creamy jizz, pulling out to reveal a gorgeous anal creampie. Enjoy! Asian Asian Asian Asian Anal Anal Anal Anal