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Bursting 200 balloons in my living room

1k Views · sep 16, 2021
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I'm bursting 200 balloons in my tiny living room, although it is not that tiny, but now it looks tiny because of all these balloons! I'm wearing a white crop top & a cute schoolgirl skirt, but no underwear! So when I start with some step popping, I'm lifting my legs up high enough, so you can have a small peek underneath my skirt! Towards the end of the video I'm also removing my top, so there is a topless part in this video too! I had so much fun bursting all of these! I also thought that my neighbours were actually coming over to check on me this time as I heard the elevator going up & down way more than usual hahaha. Don't forget to leave a tip if you liked the video, with your tip I'll only buy more balloons!

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