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Freebie Tuesday

Pregnant Domme in Tartan Thigh Highs



American / Portland, OR
3:04 min - Nov 24 - .MP4 - 68.29 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Have you ever dared to worship a six month pregnant goddess? We're the most ruthless, heartless and torturous of the lot. A great little piggy showered Me with wishlist gifts, so you're given the privilege of being able to purchase this foot, heel and stocking worship clip! My full figured legs with 18" calves and 32" thighs are perfect in My new Black Tartan Kixies Size D Thigh Highs with Silicone Stay-ups so no garter belt is necessary. Laced up ankle open toed black vinyl stiletto sandal heels will melt your common sense, and every time this video makes you cum, you'll go gift Me another pair of Kixies Stockings to torture you in.