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Jenna Suvari Brat Fucks Captain Steve

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Bratty little service member Jenna Suvari was assigned desk jockey duty during her tenure in the Military. What's a girl to do in a lonely hanger with only a military mannequin near her? The answer? Call up Captain Steve Awesome -- the only airmen who ever banged over 10 corp girls within the same week. Jenna Suvari put out the call for Steve to leave his unit and he showed up with rock hard cock in hand, pronto! The quick and easy way to have sex in an airplane hanger? Doggy style hunched over the desk, of course. Why is there a keyboard in the hanger? No clue! Captain Steve Awesome pounds Lieutenant Jenna Suvari's tight little pussy over and over as he grabs her cute narrow hips and pulls her toward him with each thrust. Marines United has nothing on us here

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