Goth Ass Worship

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kingfreak840 - Top reviewer May 16 2017
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My Goth Queen has my full attention when it comes to me giving her ass the proper worshipping it deserves. How well she knows that her ass is what I'm thinking about when I'm at work or when I'm with friends. How badly I wish I was smacking these booty cheeks.

Hybrid 0106 - Top reviewer Feb 11 2017
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What can I say Tish gets my motor running. Wish I knew her in real life would spoil her rotten.

We know how much you've been thinking about. You've been noticing throughout her social media just how close you can get to see her round booty. You keep thinking of how it would be to worship it. To have it in your face, present....and envisioning what it would be like to have Tisha Draven show it off to you. You know the girl behind the name...but do you know the ass behind the girl? Take the time to take in every second of her in. While she is only human, with flaws & vices like everyone else, to you she is a Goddess and you will worship her like such. This dance is just for you