Marisa With 3 Egg Vibrators & A Broom

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Lana Rain

American / NYC
75,377 4.8
15:59 min - Dec 02 - .MP4 - 1.94 GB - 2560x1440 HD


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TMKCCP Dec 4 2016

... Touhou fan approves :3

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Dec 2 2016
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So how does one become beautiful, cute, and sexy at once? Lana found a way. I love this Marissa cosplay. it is so adorable, Lana is beautiful and sexy, that she makes it perfect. Using the egg vibrator, (not sure if it was the same one in her first public video) really stimulates Lana orgasm twice in this video. I keep saying this in ever Lana video, But she has the most perfect ass and pussy, and his video delivers it and then some. It is a b-tier. Only sexiness. Worth the money. Get it. Well done Lana-sama <33333

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Really hot cosplay with fun toys to masturbate with. More girls need to wear bloomers tbh

HorusDelta Jan 27 2017
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Lana Rain is amazing, I love her style is great and that's what makes it unique.

KeeperSavant Dec 18 2016
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The living hentai strikes again! In this incredibly seductive performance I was swept away by outstanding cosplay and an enticing use of props! A simply must watch... Again... And again... And again!

Assholathotekkkh Dec 10 2016
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Just when you thought Lana couldn't outdo herself in a B-Tier vid, she came up with this gem while giving the term "broom riding" a new definition. It's a must watch, I'll tell you what.

Souleater20 Dec 3 2016
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Loved it you always make good content

Kanamek Dec 2 2016
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Lana, our lord and saviour continues to impress.
Here shes trying something new, and no matter what it is she continues to make it super erotic as any character she plays.

Great work Lana loving the content

waynebruce15 deleted Jan 25 2017
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Could do a better job on the acting

0Bambamm0 Dec 3 2016
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Once again Lana shows us that what she sells isn't just the sexual activity within the video, what she sells is herself. Her beauty, charm, and polarizing personality that we've all come to know in the short while she's been in the industry is what keeps me coming back for more and more.

B-Tier][Low Bitrate QuadHD][No Plot] Marisa Kirisame from TOUHOU PROJECT wants to show you what she can do with 3 strong bullet/egg vibrators and a broom :). ||||||||||||||||||||||||||| This was a fun little B-Tier that I've been wanting to do for quite some time now and now that time's freed up to a certain degree I'll be able to focus on more content creation so expect some Cosplay Photoshoot album sets and more frequent YouTube videos this Holiday season