It Came From The Deep

4,858 5.0

Arwen Datnoid

Canadian / Your butt
4,858 5.0
26:22 min - Jun 10 - .MP4 - 1.99 GB - 1280x720 HD


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MT_Shell - Top reviewer Dec 8 2016
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Probably your best Bad Dragon vid to date, looking forward to seeing how you top this one.

chefmast3r Jan 24 2017
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Another review said it best-awesome. Multiple positions, almost half an hour long. Its three or four videos in one. Just buy it.

YoungMetal Jan 18 2017
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Awesome video. Love the tentacle.

peecee2 - Top reviewer Dec 29 2016
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That sideways close up in the thumbnail and preview is fantastic, as is the frantic fucking afterwards. :)

Badlander - Top reviewer Dec 9 2016
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One word: Tentacles!

Need I say more? Of course.

It started out nicely, seeing the choke (let's see if I can use that word in the review ;) ) really was giving the tentacle a bit of personality, as if it was acting on its own, forcing itself deeper into the mouth.

The closeups were well placed as well, getting a good view of the texture and the suction cups was good to see.

The setting with the all white walls gave the whole video a nice misterious touch, it evokes the feeling of an alien abduction.

My personal favourite was the use of the tentacle leading up to the second orgasm, rubbing against the underside of it with the tip moving towards the ass again made it look not just like a toy but almost as a living thing.

Overall a highly enjoyable video, it goes by very fast, it doesn't feel like it's almost half an hour, great work, as usual.

bungle86 Dec 8 2016
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great scene with a cute girl using awesome toy

gbass1207 - Top reviewer Oct 20
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Bad Dragon toys are a favorite, and the tentacle in this vid is awesome! Arwen shows off her oral skills, sucking and drooling all over the naughty tentacle as it violates her throat. She then fucks the tentcle nice and deep, lots of nice shots here! She then finishes off by rubbing the suction cups against her very well fucked pussy! Whew! Nice and hot- another fine vid!

Soucandy Oct 23 2017
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Wow watching u ride that was amazing i love it

ZorroValiente Sep 29 2017
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La belle Arwen s'offre un un intermède avec un gros jouet à l'esthétique Hentai très affirmée. Le jeu sur les positions et les distances de prise de vues permet d'admirer l'actrice et son godmichet sous tous les angles et met en valeur sa plastique avantageuse.
Une bien belle scène qui saura satisfaire les amateurs de tentacules et de solos hardcores.

Beautiful Arwen offers herself an interlude with a big toy to the very asserted esthetics Hentai. The game on the positions and the distances of shooting allows to admire the actress and her dildo from all angles and emphasizes her advantageous shape.
A very beautiful scene which will satisfy the amateurs of tentacles and hardcore solos.

MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Sep 16 2017
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I love her videos, so imaginative

mecho11 - Top reviewer Aug 7 2017
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Excellent full body views of Arwen reaching clitoral ORGASMS. Well done!!

ReignOfSuperman - Top reviewer Aug 3 2017
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10 out 10 two thumbs up. nothing less than to expect the best performance from Arwen. she has your back there, always ten times the bang for your buck. you spoil us Arwen, thank you for your video posts

Tylerdurden99 - Top reviewer Jun 2 2017
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Outstanding! So much awesome thank you Arwen. Buy this guy's.

phallusandballs Apr 10 2017
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she takes that tentacle so damned well !

velioph Apr 9 2017
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Absolutely amazing! Everything about this video is awesome. The angles, the audio, the focus and length: perfect. Can't go wrong with tentacles. I'm so glad I purchased it.

The world of tentacles is a horny one, watch as I ch oke (Word isn't allowed in description? Apparently we aren't allowed to ch oke in porn lolol) on the 5th kind tentacle, gagging and drooling all over, straining to fit more in my little mouth and throat. After I am done filling my face I move to ride. Teasing my pussy through my panties I tease myself until I have to fuck the tentacle. Riding it slow and hard, transitioning to close up where you can see every suction cup run along my lips. I ride until I cum, you can see my vagina and butthole pulsing with every wave then show off even more close up action. To finish myself off finally I sit back and rub the suction cups on my clit until I cum again