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Gigi Jax Is A Facefuck Fiend | Throatpie

2k Views · oct 13, 2021
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Gigi Jax @realgigijax is something special. She's got 'the look'. you know, the one where they're somehow cute/sexy/slutty but innocent look. You know it when you see it. Which is why I am so excited to show you how well she can take dick in her throat! Gigi starts off with a bit of a tease for you, showing her incredible tits and body. When we start getting to business, I start fucking her face while she's on her knees. I couldn't hold on to my load for more than 1minute and had to cum right down her throat quickly. She takes it, swallows and keeps going. After, Gigi lays her head off the edge of the bed and submits to the cock. Pounding Gigi's tight and wet throat until I cum right down it. Your cock will be throbbing and pulsating as you watch her take a Throatpie

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badmax21 @badmax212 years ago
Should have a Halloween special with one of your models in a suicide squad Harley Quinn (white facepaint, makeup, mascara, red lips stick etc.) All nice and pretty before and then get savagely throatfuck getting the face paint and makeup all runny, smudgy messy with your tears, drool and spit with a destroyed face after the throatfucking