An Introduction To A FinDom Christmas

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She deserves all my money. The best BBW mistress ever!

You will obey my command and buy this video. You hear that heartbeat as you press play? That's the fear I'm about to put in you. This is your introduction to Mistress Tisha Draven. Purchasing this video, you have just done ONE of your many tasks as my little piggie slave. This is the smartest christmas gift you ever bought for yourself. But don't get TOO used to feeling overjoyed; because I'm about to dispose your ego. It's the introduction to WHO I am and WHAT I do. You will be reminded of how pathetic you are, how much of a loser you are and a reminder of just how fucking amazing I am. For 25 minutes, I will go into great detail about how beneath me you are. From your family, to your job, you are now working for me bitchboy. Merry Christmas to Miss Draven. Bow down as you watch your goddess hurt you with nothing but words. You have no idea what's next...and you are now HOOKED. As you should be