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Give Up your Balls - Star Nine HD

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I can't believe you are still carrying those dangling balls around. I was clear how repulsive those ugly balls are. Considering your love addiction to your Mistress, I'm surprised you haven't done the ball chopping yet. My long fingernails graze my long legs as I indicate my approval of your financial domination obedience, but disappointment in your CBT servitude. Giving a pussy flashing, I show you how flat and perfect my pussy is in comparison to your nasty balls. Crossing legs and dangling high heels, I theorize about female superiority. My red lips, big eyes, long legs and long blonde hair manipulate you because you are a weak man. I'm disappointed that you would bring that ugly ball sac in my presence. Breeding is not in your future. Either you cut balls or you never see your Pantyhose Goddess again. Do it in front of me and let me see the blade cutting through the pouch, and pulling away from your flesh. Roll it around your hands before you throw it in the trash where it belongs. I didn't think you had it in you. Listen to my mantra, "breathe and cut" and be mesmerized. you are never reattaching that and I'm impressed that you destroyed your disgusting body because I asked you to cut yourself. I'm guessing it would be disappointing if you lost both of your balls and me, so you have to do a very good job at satisfying me with your slave tasks. Now you won't have to worry about that pesky testosterone coursing through your veins. There will be no more ballbusting, but I will be kicking you elsewhere. Send your custom video request to star nine at starbondmedia dot com Includes cbt instruction, gelding, femdom pov, goddess/worship, submissive/slave training OTHER KEYWORDS- castration chastity orgasm control orgasm denial female domination pov femdom sensual domination female supremacy brat girls verbal humiliation pantyhose domination pantyhose fetish sexual rejection pantyhose/stockings crossed leg fetish scolding fetish kink blondes

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