Clenching And Jiggling My Ass

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701 5.0
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billysocrates Dec 18 2016
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Marissa is a stunningly beautiful lady with a very sweet essence on full display in this lovely, tantalising and sensual video.

Thank you so much for your review and kind words. :A

Night_Whisperer Dec 10 2016
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Very sexy vid! The way her ass jiggles is amazing!

Glad you liked it. ;)

This was a custom video, the script reads as followed: I would like for you to be fully nude and barefoot, and for you to wear your eyeglasses. For the first two minutes I would like for you to casually walk towards and away from the camera. Each time you walk towards the camera I would like for your face and full body to be visible and I would like for you to walk close enough to the camera so that each time you walk away from the camera your ass is right in front of it. For the next minute I would like for you to oil your ass so that your ass is completely covered in oil. For the next minute I would like for you to stand still and straight up with your ass directly facing the camera as you continuously squeeze/clench your asscheeks together without using your hands (only using your ass muscles to squeeze/clench your asscheeks together. Instead of your full body being in the camera frame, I would like for some of your back and legs to be in the camera frame with your ass in the middle of the camera frame. For the last minute I would like for you to tippy-toe on both feet and let go so that your ass jiggles