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I Never Wanted a Son

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You are a horrible son, even you are aware of it. You are rude, unhelpful and a total drain on your mother. She only asks you to do a couple of things a day and you total disregard her requests because you know she isn't going to do anything to you anyways. Today was no different. Your bust, overly stressed mother asked you to run some errands while she was at work and yet again, you chose not to. It doesn't matter, your mother can do them tomorrow or something. You were far too bust playing your video games. So your mother is in her room getting ready for bed after such a long day at work. You need some cash so you walk to to ask her. Before you could even get the question out she starts hounding you about the errands you were suppose to take care of. You nonchalantly tell your mother that no, you did not do them again.... but you weren't expecting mommy dearest to completely freak out on you! She starts completely bitching you out and you are totally not paying any attention until.... she does some weird hocus pocus and suddenly start to shrink! What the fuck!? You are the size of her thumbnail now... and mommy looks pissed! She picks you up and begins to tell you how she never wanted a son anyways. You have a horrible feeling that mommy is very serious.... She grabs a glass and drops you in it while pulling her big milk filled breast out of her lingerie. Oh no, what is she doing?? She is pumping her nipple and it's start to squirt milk... right into the glass! There is no way your tiny shrunken self is going to escape this glass being slowly filled with your mother's breast milk... the end is near for you and it won't be a pretty ending

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