Jessie From Pokemon Self Spanking

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No matter what Jessie tries, she can not steal that brat's Pikachu. She has disappointed her Sempai and she knows it. Being a good obedient slut, she takes matters into her own hands. She knows she needs punishment and Master is not around to do it... so she begins to spank her ass until it's glowing red. To her dismay, it makes her pussy wet. Knowing that she shouldn't be turned on, she starts to spank her pussy and well as her round ass, making them both sore and crimson red. Still not feeling the punishment is sufficient, and still turned on, she turns her attention to her Hitachi. She turns it up to maximum power and presses it onto her clit constantly, giving herself no choice but cum over and over again until she is yelling and shaking while still spanking herself all over her body.

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