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Jenna Suvari Claw Machine Dream Fuck

3k Views · jun 22, 2017
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Steve Awesome really wanted the Jenna Suvari doll to add to his action figure collection. The only problem was he couldn't get the arcade claw machine to cooperate with him. Sexy tiny Jenna had all the gorgeous qualities of the Real Jenna Suvari, only littler, tinier and smaller. Out of frustration Steve swore out loud and then swung his whole body into the machine. Surprisingly one of the swear words worked on a spiritual level and he instantly shrank down to a tiny size and fell into the machine! Luckily his penis stayed proportionate so he could fuck Little Jenna Suvari nice and hard. Petite Jenna Suvari takes a pussy pounding in this 40 minute video featuring arcade ambience and a hardcore rock soundtrack that doesn't get in the way of hearing our favorite model getting banged and buggered by the always enthusiastic Steve Awesome. Jenna takes a load on her face like a good girl as well! Score! Little Jenna Suvari had been sitting in the arcade claw machine for weeks and hadn't got any sex from the other inhabitants (they weren't into humans). Luckily Steve Awesome came along to pound her petite pussy and suck her until the walls of the claw machine vibrated from her climaxes

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