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Mommy's Asshole Makes You Feel Better

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Oh, my sweet boy... what's wrong? I can tell by your face something is bothering you. Come sit down next to step-mommy and tell me so I can fix it for you. You know step-mommy hates seeing you upset and I'd do anything to make you feel better. I see... well, that's definitely not too big of a problem that step-mommy can't fix it with a special little treat! You know what I'm talking about, don't you? You know... the one thing, the one very special thing that only step-mommy can give you that always makes you feel so much better... Yes! That's right honey! Step-mommy is going to let you devour her asshole today! I know how much you love tongue fucking my tight asshole and I happen to enjoy it very much too so let's do it sweetie! Step mommy is going to bend over and I want you to ravish my asshole until you feel all better, ok?

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GoodBoyForMommy @GoodBoyForMommy2 years ago
Mommy is back: Amazing!