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Mommy's Oily Ass Worship

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Hi sweetie! I'm almost ready for the beach, I just need to finish oiling myself. I'm almost done but.... honey, do you think you can help me? I can't reach certain areas and we could leave for the beach a lot faster if you just help oil mommy. Can you do that for me? Oh good! Well, I can't seem to reach my ass very good at all. Can you rub some oil in to mommy's ass? Oh yes, just like that... you're doing a good job sweetie! I think maybe you should use your face to help spread the oil... yeah, just stick your face right there between mommy's sexy ass cheeks and just rub it all over. Mmmmm.... oh yes, just like that my sweet boy. That feels good... really good.... you know what sweetie? I think mommy needs a little help rubbing it in somewhere else. Mmhmm, I sure do. Right down here... mommy's throbbing pussy needs some oil... and your tongue too! Oh you are making mommy so wet... I just can't go to the beach with my pussy aching like this! Honey, I want you to finish me off.... use your mouth on mommy's pussy and asshole until she cums! I need it SO bad!

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