Glass Toy Anal and Hitachi

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799 5.0
10:14 min - Jul 04 - .MP4 - 795.19 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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DarthDouche99 - Top reviewer Feb 10
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Wow. One of my favorite videos. It took me multiple viewings just to make it to the end. I just love her using a dildo in the ass and fucking it. So much better than a plug with pretty much blocks the asshole after it's in. So hot. I love it. More videos of you fucking your ass with a dildo please.

ethan42mv - Top reviewer Jan 29
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What a hot view. Her expression is so cute! Wonderful clip.

Ethan242 - Top reviewer Feb 6 2016
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Amazing and sexy video!

liamindc - Top reviewer May 19 2015

Full HD 1080p. My very first anal video ever recorded! I start off by teasing you with my tight ass, spreading my cheeks apart for you and giving it a few smacks. Then I use my fingers to get my asshole warmed up before taking my favourite pink glass dildo and sliding it in. I fuck my ass in doggy position for a bit, all the while telling you how hard and deep I want you to give it to me. Then I lie back and use the Hitachi on my clit as I fuck myself harder and faster until I cum hard