Wolf Petting ASMR

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472 5.0
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nikolai35m - Top reviewer Mar 26
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I am a huge Zander Storm fan. I think She is very sexy. I loved this vid. I found watching it very relaxing, and by the end I was jealous of that stuffed wolf.

badman138 Jan 2 2017
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Simple, but effective, ASMR. Sweet. Nice to tire you out at night preferably after a huge joint WOO YEAAAAAAH 420 represent WUT WUT.

8-min 1080p widescreen. Actual video is much higher quality than MV preview. Quiet video meant to cause soothing tingly ASMR sensations of relaxation, comfort, and pleasurable tingles down your spine and throughout your body. I lie on the floor, and pet my fluffy little wolf plush toy. Running my fingers through the soft fur, scritching behind the ears, stroking the wolf paws and snoot, light caressing, giving sweet little kisses. You can imagine you're the one in my arms and I'm stroking your body and giving you pets, or just enjoy watching me grow sleepy and relaxed while cuddling my cute wolf. (Please note: this is an AMSR sensation/relaxation vid – it is not overtly sexual and there is no nudity, it's all about triggering a pleasurable tingling feeling in your body. No dialogue, just background quiet street noise