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Mommy is the Only Woman You'll Ever Need

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Oh honey... my sweet son... my only son.... I can't believe you are really doing this.... I can't believe you are leaving mommy! You've barely known this girl for just a short time and you are already getting married and moving to Europe?? How can you do this to me? You know how close we are and if you move across the sea I'll never see you again! I know this is just that skank's way of keeping my sweet boy from me.... and I'm not going to let it happen! I really think you are making this decision much too fast honey... infact, I think if you really opened your eyes... you would see that the very thing you've always needed was right infront of you. Yes honey, I'm talking about.... me. Your mother... your only love for so many years of your life. I can still be your only love. Mommy can do everything for you and I can do it better than any skanky girlfriend ever could. Just let me show you.... like this.... Mmmm that feels good, doesn't it son? It does.... and I can make it feel even better too... but first, I want you to taste mommy... I want you to taste my sweet pussy. It is sweeter than any pussy you've ever tasted. That's right, plunge your tongue deep into my wet slit and taste mommy.... after you are done, I am going to show you just how good it can feel to fuck mommy and you'll see that I am the only woman you will ever need

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