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Christmas Break with Mommy

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Oh baby, I'm so happy to wake up and see you sitting infront of me! I thought for sure with all of the snow that your flight would be delayed but here you are! This is absolutely the best Christmas present you could ever give me! I've been so lonely since you left for college and I am so absolutely thrilled that you came home for Christmas break. You know honey, I have a present for you too... you just have to close your eyes to get it. Go ahead, close your eyes... Ok, open your eyes! Well, what do you think? Do you like this sexy little Christmas outfit I picked out just for you? I saw it in the store and I just knew you would love it. It reminds me of all of those sexy times that we spent together before you left... that special relationship we developed before you moved on... I really missed you sweetie. I missed the way you taste... the way you feel.... and I really missed your..... your hard cock. Oh baby, I want you to give mommy a present right now for old time's sake. I want you to give me your hard cock and I want you to creampie my pussy for Christmas! The only thing I want for Christmas is your hard cock deep in my wet pussy

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