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Jenna Suvari Step-Daughter Christmas Sex

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Long haired blonde sister Jenna Suvari started her Christmas morning with a little hand-puppet action. This was soon followed by some hand-job action with her neighborly father figure Steve Awesome thanks to his timely arrival. You've heard of Saint Nick, right? Try Saint Dick -- except Steve isn't a saint by any stretch of the imagination. In no time flat little step-daughter Jenna Suvari had her fake step-father Steve Awesome's cock sliding in and out of her well sealed tight lips. Her expert circular and methodical hand motions got Steve hard in mere seconds! You gotta love this girl! The prelude for all of this oral sex was -- of course -- CHRISTMAS FUCKING! Steve was slamming his dick in and out of Jenna's tight little cunt on the sofa, on the floor, while she sat in his lap -- they were everywhere. Steve agreed that this was the best Christmas present a father figure guy could receive, ever! Ever ever! Ever ever ever! Jenna said it was either she got fucked under the tree or a she got a Starbucks gift card. Whew! Glad she made the right decision! Jenna Suvari soon found herself flat on the red carpet getting sucked and fucked every which way. Orgasm after orgasm piled on as she rode Steve's festive cock, hopping up and down on his knob in time to Perry Como. Was that Santa saying ho ho ho somewhere? Well, okay, Perry wasn't on, but Santa Steve was! Steve eventually blows his Christmas (or Hanukkah depending on your preference) load all over Jenna's perky little titties. Happy Holidays, dudes

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