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Trophy Girl Ariana Aimes Broken In Hard

14k Views · nov 25, 2021
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For those luck guys to have the trophy girl or wife it's all fun and games until you realize that they only want to do missionary and they hate doing anything extra. Ariana Aimes is just that type, pretty to look at but a real pillow princess. So of course Break Her In came to save the day again. But not no captain save-a-hoe though. We seen an online training course Gee Whizz had. He tried to be reasonable but she kept on pouting and sure enough it made him snap. First he bends her over the barstool and pounds her pretty ass. I'm sure the neighbors heard the smacking sound. Then he shows her the art of BBC deepthroat. Just when Ariana thought she was done he shows her the backdoor to his heart with some that classic rimming of his ass. You won't believe it but she did amazing and we think she was just holding out. She never swallows but Gee gives her a gusher of a cum blast all over her pretty face and all down her throat. That's should teach her fancy ass better!

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