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Rebecca Blaze MILF Fuck Workout

7k Views · jun 22, 2017
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Well, tiny little spinner (and verified MILF) Rebecca Thomas came into Steve Awesome's gym to keep up her toned tight little body. What she got out of her workout was a way different workout than intended. Steve first encourages male organ play during dumbbell training. From there he moves his trainees to blowjob sets where neck muscles are worked out like never before as his cock slides past her beautiful full lips. Eventually Steve Awesome decides he needs to train Rebecca's other lips, so in no time at all the two are pumping up. How? Pumping pussy of course! It's one of Steve's favorite exercises for his female clients. Things continue just like that until Rebecca finally receives a passing grade with Steve's cum spattered all over her face and mouth. You'll never look at workouts the same way again! VIDEO IS THE RARE UNEDITED EDITION! SEE EVERYTHING INCLUDING BEHIND THE SCENES! OH YES

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