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Jenna Suvari Star Trek Sex Parody

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Ensign Jenna Suvari was minding her own business on the bridge filing incident reports with the new holographic scanner. Only problem? No pants. Yeah. Totally naked down there. Admiral Steve Awesome walked onto the bridge for an impromptu inspection only to discover Jenna Suvari working with pussy exposed. The Admiral also liked to tour the ship with no pants on. Match made in heaven? Yes! In no time at all the Admiral talked the Ensign into a new assignment on board the ship: shoving his rock hard cock down her petite little throat. The Admiral assisted with some hair grabbing, of course. Nice guy. Jenna Suvari and the Admiral fucked doggystyle for several minutes until the red alert was sounded. Someone apparently stuffed their pants down the jeffries tubes. Oops. The fucking stopped but was luckily recorded for your pleasure

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