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Jenna Suvari BatGirl Anal Rimming & Fuck

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I've always thought of myself as more of a joker than a henchmen. It wasn't until I teamed up with batty Jenna Suvari in a dark alley one day that I finally realized I'm really more of an ass man that I ever realized! Licking Jenna Suvari's perfect asshole for the first time is, frankly, absolute heaven. Jenna was at first surprised by my tongue slipping in and out of her tight anal sphincter, but she soon learned to enjoy it as her moans seemed to indicate approval. That, plus she didn't run away. After getting my fill of ass licking I took my time slowly fucking Jenna's sweet pussy while still paying tribute to her bung by fingering her asshole. I loved how my thumb slipped into her asshole as I banged her from behind slowly and surely. Poor little Jenna never knew her butt would get that much attention. Surprise, surprise. I had so much fun munching on her balloon not that I spent several minutes making out with her to make sure we both got a good taste of her luscious young ass. I interrupted my jerking off onto her face to get the french kissing going not once but twice. I eventually finished the scene with the ultimate punchline of all time. I was spurting gobs of cum all over Jenna Suvari's pretty little face and I make sure you get a nice close-up to enjoy the load deployment. Jenna closed her eyes as my facial goo dripped from her lips and cheek in this fitting finale to our scene

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