Freebie Tuesday

Public Flashing In City With Deer Antler

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Lana Rain

American / NYC
115,564 5.0
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This should win the interwebs.

geechabe Jan 11

/+i me LanA Ill O U a Visit 4 being an amazing Girl and heave reached
Of 10
So ur off Course accepted... Keep it Going! *KIZZ*

geechabe Jan 11

Literally just want to go to NYC for a chance to see her in action like geez.

This is so bad ass.

thank you (:

The preview alone should show how risky this video is. I will review in the mroning

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Loved it it was fantastic, amazing and when you smiled and giggled that made it even better.

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jan 7
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Pure definition of exhibition right here. I cannot stress enough on how Lana gives the definition of exhibition here. People will be looking at a girl how is dressed like a reindeer and is panty less with a strap on her leg. Lana is clearly being the eye of attention here. By far one of her best public vid. The high risk factor is on point here where 100 plus people every minute really made it risky. And you can tell Lana was enjoying every minute of it. Such a dangerous woman she is. She does express her thoughts in this vid, so let that sink into your head when you watch it. Favorite were of course any ass flashes and pussy flashes.(best cameltoe btw) and any public orgasm she had. Just the though on how many people were either trying to look at her, or trying not to look at her. And the places where she masturbate, people being unaware of what Lana di there. Get this vid for pure exhibition

xSTLNx Jan 16
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What a great video really enjoyed it ; )

waynebruce15 deleted Jan 12
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Another masterpiece by the Princess of Perv , it is one of the best exhibitionist videos that I have seen

Kanamek Jan 7
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Lana is a daring girl, to go out and flash the way she does is outstanding and brave. this video is made with full commitment to what she does and for her to make another video outside in public shows that. Love you Lana keep making me and everyone happy :)

XXXGirl Mar 22
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Lana continues to outdo herself with this video. She shows even more, and notches up the risks even further in this hot hour long video. She's even braver in this video flashing her loveliness more visibly than in her previous videos. I'm not a fan of exhibition myself (nor am I nearly as brave as Lana), but she has completely succeeded in making me love these videos. If you even somewhat liked her previous public videos, you're going to enjoy this one even more.

Steve22011994 deleted Jan 31
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Amazing, so daring:)

S-TIER][720p][Cam Corder][GoPro5][Public Flashing] This is my third ever exhibition video. Had a TON OF FUN filming this and of course I live around the best city in the world to do it in, New York City! This one is REALLY long, over an hour long. The concept in this one is that I am wearing deer antlers with deer makeup to pull attention towards me as much as possible, making it far more riskier to flash or masturbate in populated areas. As I said before, flashing in public isn't fun unless there's a REAL RISK of strangers seeing you! On top of the usual flashing and walking around lifting my skirt up with no underwear, there are scenes of me masturbating until I cum inside the New York Public Library and two different Uber/Taxi rides. As usual I had one to two friends with me at all times to keep me safe so don't worry about that. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| As usual, always encountered hardships in editing and rendering the project. On top of that I had no choice but to lower the resolution from the 1440p (GoPro 5 & Sony 4K Camcorder quality though, not high end DSLR quality) to just 720p just to keep the video from being blurry with the low bitrate due to ManyVids' current limitation of 2GB per file size (not their fault, servers cost a lot!). Due to the slightly lower video quality (via lower resolution and lower bitrate) I also had no choice but to lower the price to $60 from my original intended $75 to keep it fair. *update* I noticed ManyVids allows vids to be replaced by up to 5GB file sizes so I think I can at least put this back up to 1080p. If I succeed I will replace the video that you can download from here with a better version and those who purchased it prior to that change can re-download the better version. Just keep an eye on my twitter @Lana_Rain to stay informed