Dr Love: Beta Male CEI Chastity Therapy

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Larkin Love

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3,362 5.0
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Do you know why I'm here? Your wife, Vera, begged me to make a house call because you're too stubborn to see me in my office. Shame on you. You know that your behavior has your poor wife beside herself with worry and discontent. Don't you realize that your wife is the only reason you've made it this far in life? Your emotional outbursts, underachieving nature, and conflict avoidance point to a single pathology - you're a beta male. Think about it for a moment. Life has always been too difficult for you. You don't excell at proper masculine pursuits; neither conquest nor innovation are your forte. That's right, your wife told me the truth - you can't satisfy her in the bedroom at all. And no wonder, with all the deviant crossdressing, shemale smut you've been spending your seed on in secret. Well, you can't hide your secret any more, nor can you put your wife through the turmoil of tending an overgrown boy who'll never become a real man. I founded my institute on the idea that Nature doesn't afford her gifts equally to ever creature. Some men are born as proper Alpha males, and others are lesser betas. Our statistical analyses show that the betas cause most problems in society. Their misplaced agression, sexual deviance, and dependance on females to support them drag down the human race almost as fast as it can raise itself up. Betas have yet to know their true place. My patented treatment plan will change all that. Follow my instructions, and in a few short weeks, you'll begin to see the benefits of accepting your beta status and moving forward toward your ultimate destiny - a supportive Domestic Sissy to your beautiful, strong, capable wife. You wouldn't want to go through the financial burden of alimony, would you? Vera tells me she's ready to leave if you don't make a complete change in your life. That change begins right here, with this chastity device, and a strict regimine of consuming your own semen Now exhibit your member, sir, and masturbate to orgasm. I'm afraid I'm going to have to watch every stroke to make sure you actually follow my instructions. And once you've ejaculated, you must eat every drop of the hormone-rich semen to maintain what little sex hormones you have left in your weak, beta body. After that, the device locks on, and Vera gets the key. Don't you feel better already? Starring Larkin Love, Vera Price. Contains the following erotic elements: CUM EATING INSTRUCTION - SPH - JOI - FEMDOM POV - MEDICAL FETISH - SISSY TRAINING - CHASTITY - BETA MALE THERAPY