Sister's Attrition

784 4.5

Jacquie Blu

American / Los Angeles
784 4.5
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jemald Jan 14 2017
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Thank you for putting all my desires and fantasies in one video. This is what happens when you put an in-demand TS star like Morena Black with the hot up and coming submissive Jacquie Blu and have the innovative and sexually original Miss Freudian Slit & Cricket Rose from ParaPerv directing the action. You get a nunsploitation porn clip celebrating succumbing to the sins of the flesh and dripping of pure raw sex. Morena embodies sin and temptation as she sexually torments and successfully dominates Jacquie with the leather crop and fucks the carnal lust into Jacquie's perfect submissive ass with her beautiful cock. Jacquie's moans are the embodiment of sounds from the sexually submissive angels and I hope that this video wins more popularity for Jacquie Blu. ParaPerv is a much needed shot in the arm for porn today!!!

shingler - Top reviewer Jun 9
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I downloaded this a while back, and only recently sat down to watch it. This is a very powerful film. Usually porn that features nuns is religion bashing at its base. Not the case here. It is very erotic and beautifully done. I highly recommend this film. I wish that Jacquie would produce more material.

Thank you very much! I am very proud of this one.

Sister Jacquie hasn't had any sex in ages. She is in torment. She wants to be a good nun and not touch herself, but the cravings are unbearable. She turns to the bible for guidance and strength. She prays and recites passages over and over, but it's not helping. In frustration, she flings the bible across the room and breaks down in tears. Somewhere across the vast reaches of the universe a demon's ears perk up, hearing her tormented thoughts and prayers. So, she decides to pay Sister Jacquie a little visit. Starring Jacquie Blu and Morena Black